Tycho in Colorado

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This last weekend Tycho (aka Scott Hansen/ISO50) came to Colorado for three consecutive shows in Ft. Collins, Denver, and Colorado Springs. I was fortunate enough to catch the first two, which were both unique and complimented each other in a great way. The Ft. Collins gig was at the Aggie, of course, a grungy little venue with an incredibly intimate atmosphere. My good friend and fellow Tycho enthusiast, Leo, and I were front and center. We had prepared the night before by listening to Tycho’s “Dive” on vinyl, which is a visceral experience I recommend to anyone.

The Denver show was particularly special for me because I had 12 of my closest friends there seeing Tycho for the first time. It was at the Summit Music Hall, which is a new venue with huge sound a great vibe to it. I also got special access to take some photos in the balcony that was blocked off, but the lighting and motion was tough to capture at times with my entry-level SLR. It felt plain wrong to shoot ISO50 at ISO800, but it was a necessary adjustment.

Tycho in Denver
Tycho in Denver

Scott has recently been working with cinematographer Charles Bergquist to create new visuals for the Tycho summer tour, and they were absolutely gorgeous. Most of them incorporated super-slow-motion shots of surfing, waves crashing, or beautiful women walking on the beach. The images are filtered and matched with the tempo, with some ISO50 graphics superimposed. It was such a cool experience, I wish I could capture the whole effect for you but these videos will give you some idea.

Here’s a reel of high-speed footage from Charles Bergquist, some of which is used in the Tycho visuals:

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